Sep 15, 2014
PREMIERE: Olympic Ayres – ‘Leisureplex’ EP
Olympic Ayres - Take Flight
Olympic Ayres - We Can Learn
Olympic Ayres - Sunshine
Olympic Ayres - Control
Olympic Ayres - Say My Name
Olympic Ayres - We Can't Get Away

If you thought summer was almost over, think again. With Olympic Ayres on repeat, we’re sure that the shining sun, vacation ambience, and chilled drinks are bound to sustain far past the season’s change. With that being said, LessThan3 is proud to present the exclusive premiere of the Aussie duo’s Leisureplex EP, which will be officially released via iTunes US on Sept. 17 and Australia on Sept. 18.

The EP boasts six of the most breezy and relaxing, yet thoroughly vibrant tunes in the indie dance-meets-nu disco category–three of which were previously released and to no one’s surprise, received major praise in the blog universe. Take Flight literally launches the album with lush, synth-infused guitar and smooth vocals, while Say My Name features a more funky, danceable beat and captivating, toned-down vocals. Control was the crowd favorite, racking up over 400,000 SoundCloud plays, hitting number one on Hype Machine, and scoring a snazzy house remix by Pat Lok.

We Can Learn, Sunshine, and We Can’t Get Away first see the light of day today, and with just one spin of each, it’s clear that these jams fit right in with the catchy bunch. We Can Learn features groovy, piano-driven instrumentation and quite inspirational lyrics, and Sunshine, well, definitely lives up to its name. We Can’t Get Away properly concludes the EP, with a light melody and cheery lyrics that provide the perfect escape from whatever trials and tribulations you’re currently facing.

In fact, escapism, which the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as “habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine,” was the fundamental goal of Leisureplex. Olympic Ayres, aka Kamaliza and Mmiiddii, shared some insight into the EP via email:

“The inspiration came from all themes surrounding escapism. To express this we wanted the process to involve as much live instrumentation as possible. It was challenging to stay away from (MIDI) instruments within the computer but ultimately rewarding. It gave us a fresh perspective on the recording process and was an affirmation on how much we love creating.”

Ready for your own leisurely escape? Pre-order the Leisureplex EP here.

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