Jun 06, 2014
PREMIERE: Nova Rockafeller – 1990s (Bixel Boys Remix) [Boardwalk]
Nova Rockafeller - 1990s (Bixel Boys Remix) [Boardwalk]

Up-and-coming hip hop artist Nova Rockafeller released her ode to the decade of flannel shirts, pagers, and grunge music entitled 1990s through Boardwalk Music last month. LA duo Bixel Boys have given LessThan3 an exclusive first play of their remix of the track, which appropriately leans towards their electronic influences from the ’90s.

Nova’s original version of 1990s is heavily influenced by the alternative rock sounds that were in vogue in the ’90s. Bixel Boys, known for incorporating many different styles into their production, have slowed the track down in their remix and focused more on the house sounds that weren’t as popular in mainstream music during the era. The remix is yet another example of super crisp production from Bixel Boys, and is uniquely delightful in the way it captures some of the house vibes of the 1990s while still sounding modern.

The original track from Nova is currently available on iTunes. Be sure to take a listen to the two remixes that have been released by Mark Hoppus and Justin Warfield, as well.