May 18, 2015
PREMIERE: Nick Thayer & Tommy Lee feat. Mikill Pane – Fly Shit [NTM]
Nick Thayer & Tommy Lee feat. Mikill Pane - Fly Shit (Original Mix) [NTM]

LessThan3 favorite Nick Thayer (pictured, left) is back with more unapologetic boom for your earballs, this time enlisting Tommy Lee (pictured, right) and rapper Mikill Pane on Fly Shit, and we have your exclusive first listen.

The Motley Crue drummer and his notorious rock-and-roll attitude play a central role in Thayer’s latest party anthem, which draws on everything from his drumming abilities to a clip of his wildman battle cries sampled from a YouTube video.

“This track started as a beat I made in LA with Tommy. The drums were played in live using MIDI, then we replaced a bunch of the sounds. The vocal I recorded in London with Mikill Pane, who I’d been trying to collaborate with for ages. I was playing him a bunch of beats I had and this one jumped out. I love his wordplay, and the flow is super tight. Then we were talking about Tommy and watching some YouTube videos of him drumming and he was yelling ‘Yeah motherfuckers!’ and all this other stuff and we thought ‘you can’t fake that kind of energy,’ and plus it sounded fantastic over the beat so that became the hook.”

Stream Fly Shit above, and pick up your copy when it drops May 19 on Nick Thayer Music.

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