Aug 21, 2014
PREMIERE: Mystique – Brand New [Ultra]
Mystique - Brand New (Original Mix) [Ultra]

Belgium’s Mystique is ready with the first of three new feel-good tunes on Ultra Music starting with Brand New, and LessThan3 has the exclusive first listen.

Brand New is an intoxicatingly upbeat slice of French electro house lined with euphoric vocals borrowed from The Stylistics’ 1974 groove You Make Me Feel Brand New. Mystique, or Dieter Weyn, said he was instantly enchanted with the chorus, which struck a nerve during an ongoing rough patch with an ex-girlfriend.

The pitched-up slow jam vocals come into focus gradually as the track builds, topping off with a punchy drum fill to clear a path for the payoff: his stupid-happy main section featuring the chopped vocal melody. Weyn said that, upon writing what turned out to be the track’s keystone element, he knew he had something.

“When I chopped up the vocal for the lead, I wanted to make it modern–like a 2016 vibe–but maintain the original concept while flipping it a little and making it a melody on its own; and that moment when I made my own melody with the vocal… then, I was like, ‘it’s magic,’ you know?”

The resulting melody dominates the bulk of the track. Splintered fragments of their voices pair up with warm bursts of synth to form the centerpiece melody, surrounded by bright percussive elements for an overwhelmingly jubilant French house jam with just a hint of electro.

Brand New comes at a point in Mystique’s career when he’s looking to create something slightly different.


“I think it’s missing a little bit–the good vibe,” he said. “Everything doesn’t have to be hard to get good feedback from the crowd.”

Mystique first tested Brand New at Tomorrowland, where he said despite the day’s music leaning toward the heavier side, the crowd welcomed the lighthearted, energetic tune with enthusiasm.

“Everybody was vibing, and when the drop came, the energy was also there. So I was like, ‘OK, I think I’m onto something.’ So that’s what I’m trying to do now–bring back the feel-good music.”

Pick up Brand New on Beatport Aug. 22 when it releases on Ultra, and follow Mystique here for more of his feel-good vibes due out before the end of the year.

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