Apr 07, 2014
PREMIERE: Ming ‘Blackout’ EP [Firepower]
MING & Ricky Vaughn - Blackout [Firepower]
MING feat. Moxiie - Get Even With You [Firepower]
MING & Mister Black - Drop Out [Firepower]
MING feat. Tatiana Owens - Like It Rough [Firepower]
MING - Need For Killing [Firepower]

MING’s Blackout EP, available on Datsik’s Firepower Records on April 8, is filled with heavy hitting tracks of all kinds. This album successfully runs the gamut from drumstep to twerk, all the while incorporating a distinctive siren-blaring sound. Simply put, the EP is a standout, and we’ve got the first exclusive full listen for you here today.

Drop Out and Like It Rough provide an aural hit that will satisfy any bass craving. The former successfully utilizes MING’s distinctive siren-like stabs while the latter combines the beautiful vocals of Tatiana Owens with thunderous low end. Blackout, co-produced by Ricky Vaughn, and Need For Killing, mix it up with just the right amount of hip-hop and twerk. It’s not too much to expect droves of females expressing themselves when these are played at high volumes. Last but not least, Get Even With You picks up the pace with action-packed drumstep heat featuring Moxiie’s energetic vocals.

From start to finish, you are sure to remember this Blackout. Preorder the EP here.

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