Oct 27, 2013
PREMIERE: Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Fragmented Self Pt. 1 [FIELDS]
Max Cooper & Tom Hodge - Fragments Of Self (Original Mix) [FIELDS]
Max Cooper & Tom Hodge - Quantet (Original Mix) [FIELDS]
Max Cooper & Tom Hodge - Fragments Of Self (Petrels Remix) [FIELDS]
Max Cooper & Tom Hodge - Von Der Klippe Fallen (Original Mix) [FIELDS]

Avant garde musician and geneticist Max Cooper (pictured) is releasing Fragmented Self Pt. 1, the first of two collaborations with UK contemporary classical Composer Tom Hodge, tomorrow, Oct 28, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the full EP right here for you.

Fragmented Self Pt. 1 is truly fascinating music, marrying minimalistic Classical composition with techno and industrial sounds that demand your attention. Fragments Of Self begins with a gorgeous piano solo that is eventually mowed over by abrasive, factory-like sounds that suggest where the “Fragments” theme of this EP came from. Quantet calls to mind Philip Glass and Steve Reich, with spacey synths, a steady rhythm, and beautiful string patterns.

Petrels’ remix of Fragments Of Self is a more palatable take on the track for the layman’s ear, featuring Aphex Twin-influenced use of spatial sounds and a gradual, orchestral build that releases in a sea of strings and piano at the end of the track. The final track, Von Der Klippe Fallen, brings back the industrial sounds present in Fragments Of Self but in a more measured manner, mixed in with distorted, guitar-esque synths.

If you’re a fan of music that makes you think, Fragmented Self Pt. 1, along with most of Max Cooper’s works, should be close at hand in your collection. Preorder the EP here before it releases tomorrow. Max has also kicked off a tour in support of the EP release–remaining dates are below. Finally, check out the DJ Tech Tools interview below where Max explains his work with the 4D Soundsystem, an immersive environment that allows producers to move audio through a physical space.


Thu 31 Oct – La Plateforme, Lyon, France
Fri 1 Nov – Cafe D’Anvers, Antwerp
Fri 8 Nov – Discografia, XS Live, Rome
Sat 9 Nov – Doornroosje, Nijmegen
Sat 16 Nov – Indigo, Istanbul
Sat 23 Nov – Sub Terrania, AREA, London (Morning)
Sat 23 Nov – Excess Overdrive, Marseille (Night)

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