Oct 28, 2014
PREMIERE: Madame – Shuffle (Chambray Remix) [BNR Trax]
Madame - Shuffle (Chambray Remix) [BNR Trax]

Allow us to introduce you to French producer Louis Roche (no, not this guy), aka Madame. He’s been building up his resume in the techno world, and is poised to drop the new Shuffle/Gigabytes EP on Boys Noize’s own label. One of the tracks on the EP is a remix by Berlin’s Chambray (pictured), and LessThan3 has the exclusive first listen.

In contrast to the banging, bashing beat of the original, which would feel at home in a Diplo set, Chambray’s remix is a dark and dangerous techno tune, which is better suited for a moody afterhours club. It pulses with an ominous power, and yet it carries an undeniably raw energy, making it the perfect peak-time production.

You can pick up Madame’s Shuffle/Gigabytes EP Nov. 17 via BNR Trax.

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