Sep 09, 2013
Premiere: Ken Loi & Oskar feat. Kat Cobra – The Wall (Popeska Remix) [Starbright]
Ken Loi & Oskar feat. Kat Cobra - The Wall (Popeska Remix) [Starbright]

Following the success of the original mix, Ken Loi’s inaugural release on personal label Starbright, The Wall, is receiving a phat remix package featuring the likes of Caveat and Popeska. We’ve got the premiere of the Popeska remix right here for you–listen before the package drops tomorrow.

The Popeska remix of The Wall presents a bit of a different sound from the Kindergarten Recordings protege, who normally sticks in heavier electro territory. This track presents a more nu disco feel, however, complete with quirky high synths, summery overtones, and even a trumpet solo toward the end. When asked about his new sonic direction, Popeska had this to say:

“This is one of my favorite remixes I’ve done in a while. The original is so dope and I really wanted to transform the vocals into something else! I always try to avoid the “glue on a drop in the same key” kind of remix, so a few seventh chords, chirping bird synths, guitars and horns later, I came up with this remix and I love how it turned out!”

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