Sep 30, 2015
PREMIERE: KANDY & Juyen Sebulba – Vogue [Brooklyn Fire]
Kandy & Juyen Sebulba - Vogue (Original Mix) [Brooklyn Fire]
Kandy & Juyen Sebulba - Vogue (Acid Mix) [Brooklyn Fire]

Voguing is a style of dance that surfaced in the 1980s among the gay Black and Latino communities of New York City, eventually developing into a movement that gave the embattled groups a sense of community in an era that was none too friendly toward their kind. It first rose to mainstream prominence with the 1990 Madonna single Vogue, which featured voguing in the music video. Also in 1990, Paris Is Burning was released, a documentary which offered a window into the New York vogue and ballroom scenes.

With the widespread acceptance of gay culture in the present day coupled with the success of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, which draws heavily from the colloquialisms of the vogue era, voguing and its associated music have experienced somewhat of a renaissance. Enter KANDY and Juyen Sebulba, two DJs known for heavy, tribal rhythms who have put their own spin on vogue house with a new track, also named Vogue.

Elements typical of vogue house are definitely present in Vogue, including the male speaking voice and the “clang” sound that you hear right from the start of the track. The real unique quality is how heavy this track is–with its heavy kickdrums and loud snare, Vogue is perfect for the festival mainstage, and unsurprisingly, it’s already been picked up by several of those type of DJs, including Afrojack and Laidback Luke. To boot, there’s also an Acid Mix, which throws a nasty acid bassline into the drops. This is one track I’ve been personally excited for for months on end–I can’t recommend it enough as a surefire party-starter.

Pick up Vogue when it releases Oct. 2.

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