Nov 05, 2015
PREMIERE: HKEK – Separate But Together [Furtive]
HKEK - Separate But Together (Original Mix) [Furtive]

Orange County native Chris Long, aka HKEK, doesn’t care about flavor-of-the-month sounds–his style is built to last.

“In a world full of disposability, I don’t even want to try to compete,” he says. “I just want to play music from my heart that’s full of quality and depth and integrity.”

His latest release is the intriguing deep house cut Separate But Together, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere.

Much like its name suggests, Separate But Together blends two souls into a finely tuned deep house groove. One one hand, we have upbeat, bouncy melodies, chopped vocals, and uplifting progressions. On the flip-side, there are siren-like sounds, eerie distortions, and a rolling haze that gives a haunting feeling. The various sounds work in unison for a highly emotive and moving experience that should please deep house heads and casual fans alike.

Pick up Separate But Together Nov. 6 via Furtive.


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