Jul 18, 2014
PREMIERE: Helena Feat. Shawnee Taylor – Levity (Maarcos Remix) [Ultra]
Helena feat. Shawnee Taylor - Levity (Maarcos Remix) [Ultra]

Malaysian-born DJ and self-proclaimed gelato enthusiast Maarcos (pictured) rolled through with a sleek remix of Helena’s track Levity featuring vocalist Shawnee Taylor, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere.

Maarcos is the sort of globetrotting DJ whose style knows no regional restrictions, which is why his remix of Levity is just as likely to set off crowds in his hometown of Melbourne as it is in his current homebase of New York City. The original mix is most successful for the stark contrast between its emotive, piano- and vocal-driven verses and the apocalyptic big room drops that drive the rage factor well into the red. Maarcos smoothes things out a bit, trading out the smashing drop for something a bit more melodic, and adding some welcome electro grit to the verses. The end result is more marathon than sprint–equivalent to the original in terms of intensity, but more concerned with endurance than explosive energy.

Maarcos’ remix comes from Helena’s forthcoming Levity remix pack, out July 28 via Ultra. It’s also set to include new takes from Fareoh, Merk & Kremont, and one extra-special remix competition winner. Check out the video for the original mix below:

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