May 22, 2014
PREMIERE: Galantis – ‘You Remixes’ [Big Beat]
Galantis - You (Tiesto vs. Twoloud Remix) [Big Beat]
Galantis - You (Still Young Remix) [Big Beat]
Galantis - You (Tom Staar Remix) [Big Beat]
Galantis - You (Ivan Gough & Jebu Remix) [Big Beat]
Galantis - You (Wax Motif Remix) [Big Beat]
Galantis - You (Brillz Remix) [Big Beat]

Galantis’ massive second single You was destined for a remix package from the moment its bright intro chords first fanned the flames ignited by Smile.

The duo has already treated us to the Brillz, Still Young, and Tiesto vs. Twoloud remixes, and today, LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere of the You remix EP in all its glory, featuring six big takes on Galantis’ compelling “Exhibit B” track in their case for stardom.

Third up after Tiesto vs. Twoloud and Still Young comes the Tom Staar remix. Staar sets the tone in a tense, high-energy fashion before easing up off the throttle to let the initial verse shine atop a trance-y synth melody. The arpeggiated notes lead to the build and the pitched-down vocal line signaling the drop, which offers a stadium-sized take on the original.

Ivan Gough & Jebu have their shot next, which reveals itself as a bass-and-kick-heavy mix in a taste of the main section preceding a foreboding build that, once again, bows to the beauty of the verse before rocketing up into trance altitudes for a single euphoric drop.

As is the popular approach with a vocal track this enchanting, Wax Motif allows ample open space for the singsong chorus to aid in the build, which leads to a big room electro drop with a pinch of sawtooth bass.

Brillz brings us home with his space-age trap take for a bit of diversity in an otherwise big room remix EP tailor-made for the mainstage. Considering the overwhelmingly positive reception this tune has received so far, these six new mixes should add to the lifespan of You, for which the only concern in terms of success should be the risk of playing out.

The remix EP comes out May 26 on Big Beat Records, and you can pre-order here.

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