Jan 31, 2015
PREMIERE: Feed Me – High Noon [Sotto Voce]
Feed Me - High Noon (Original Mix) [Sotto Voce]

Move over, Godzilla; there’s a new monster dead-set on leveling the Land of the Rising Sun–the gargantuan green goblin known as Feed Me, who is premiering High Noon, a track off his soon-to-be-released EP A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo, exclusively on LessThan3.

If Quentin Tarantino got hit by lightning and was then transported into an alternate dimension full of demons, he might score his next motion picture with the monsterly High Noon. Chockablock full of throbbing synths, crunchy bass, and adrenaline-fueled guitar plucks, the track more than lives up to it’s lyrics: “Passengers, this is disorder. This is death. This is size 10 chaos!”

Jon Gooch, aka Feed Me, had this to say about the EP:

“After searching through all the corners of dance music and touring multiple versions of tracks and concepts I’m finding it easier to really define where I want to take Feed Me. With this EP I’m moving on to a second album with a clear vision for me and for Sotto Voce. Japanese culture has been a staple of my life so I wanted to bring this into focus with the artwork too, I love pushing for a global feel.”

You can pick up High Noon as part of the A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo EP on Feb. 2 via Sotto Voce.

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