Aug 20, 2013
Premiere: DJ Muggs – Safe (Official Video)
DJ Muggs feat. Belle Humble - Safe (Original Mix) [Ultra]

DJ Muggs (who many may know as the DJ from Cypress Hill) has just released the music video for his his bass-heavy track Safe. The single, released back in January on Ultra, features Belle Humble of Cracks fame.

The video takes place in what looks like somewhere in the Midwest United States and follows five girls as they traverse the rocky landscape and an Indian Chief who who seems to be able to control the world around him. The video proceeds to cut between the girls shooting bottles of colored liquid and the Indian Chief dancing crazily to the bass sounds atop a mountain. It all comes together to create a trippy and fun video that works well with the feel-good vocals and heavy bass.

You can grab Safe on Beatport here!

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