Jul 24, 2014
PREMIERE: Dennis Sheperd – Bring You Home (Original Mix) [ATTL]
Dennis Sheperd feat. Chloe Langley - Bring You Home (Original Mix) [ATTL]

Berlin-based producer Dennis Sheperd has made something for a name of himself in the trance scene of late, and after a string of successful releases, he’s decided to go it alone with his brand new label A Tribute To Life. To kick things off we’ve got an exclusive first play of the launch track Bring You Home, a driving big room trancer from the man himself.

Featuring the vocals of Chloe Langley, Bring You Home is centered around soaring breaks, culminating in subtle yet catchy drops. It’s clear that Dennis has tried to give the track some room to breathe, with complex synth lines sitting effortlessly with nice simple chord stabs and a vocal that leads the track without dominating. Bring You Home has all the elements of big room trance, but there’s also something reserved and relaxed about it that lends Dennis’ work a certain charm in a scene where so often everyone is trying to scream above everyone else.

Bring You Home is out on July 28 and is the perfect teaser for his second album Fight Your Fears, due out later in the year.

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