May 01, 2014
PREMIERE: Davoodi – Booty Bang EP [Jeffree’s]
Davoodi - Booty Bang (Original Mix) [Jeffree's]
Davoodi feat. Mystique - Big Ol' Booty (Original Mix) [Jeffree's]
Davoodi - Booty Bang (Original Tekstyle Version) [Jeffree's]

Belgian party-starter Davoodi is all ’bout booties, and he’s back with a three-track EP on Jeffree’s to share his love for top-notch tail–and punishing beats, of course.

The Booty Bang EP stomps in with the spring-loaded kicks and wailing synth tones of the title track, which shifts gears halfway through as hardstyle influence gives way to a bit of trap goodness hinted at in the initial drops. The result is a delightfully fresh composition with heaps of energy and a great way to sneak some trap into your hardstyle set, or vice versa.

With help from Mystique, Davoodi brings the BPMs down a bit to a powerful 128 on the B-side Big Ol’ Booty, a towering floor-shaker that keeps with the theme of beautiful backsides.

As one might expect, the Original Tekstyle Version of the title tune omits the trap-structured passage and goes straight for the throat with throbbing hardstyle percussion throughout while maintaining a pinch of the snare skitters and female vocals that definitely drift toward the hip hop side of things. Altogether an enjoyable and original approach to the hardstyle we’ve heard from Davoodi in the past, and another example of the rigidity of genres losing its hold on the artist as an individual.

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