Sep 13, 2014
PREMIERE: David Tort & Roland Clark – The Pleasure Dome [Zerothree]
David Tort & Roland Clark - The Pleasure Dome (Original Mix) [Zerothree]

David Tort (pictured, left) and Roland Clark combined their experience and talent to craft a utopian dance music stronghold in The Pleasure Dome, and its doors open for the first time exclusively on LessThan3.

The Pleasure Dome is a cavernous, euphoric experience with a high-tech fabricated feel and a contrastingly warm, nostalgic awareness of classic rave. We’re welcomed in by a triumphant monologue about heaven and hell and the like that serves to set the mood proper for the following five minutes of peak-time progressive house whose powerful techno elements are amplified by its spacious nature.

The whispery breakdown brings the track to a slow cruise at 100 BPM, and our dome guide returns for more metaphysical dome talk, can you dig it!? The brilliant switch-up allows for the sensation of accelerating back up to about 124 BPM for more sci-fi thriller acid house with enough punch to be weaponized and used to ransom a city, starring Keanu Reeves.

Pick The Pleasure Dome up Sept. 15 from Zerothree.

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