Nov 04, 2015
PREMIERE: Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud – Nail Gun [Big Beat]
Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud - Nail Gun (Original Mix) [Big Beat]

Two of electro house’s most explosive names today link up in Charlie Darker and Far Too Loud’s (pictured respectively) joint Squirm EP, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere of its balls-out B side, Nail Gun.

Nail Gun is a vicious new-age electro house machine growling from within its damp, cavernous environment and pulsating with incessant, acid-soaked plucks. Separately, the two producers have long led the thinning electro house masses into the more punishing parts of the spectrum. When combined, it’s FTL and Darker–and the sound itself–at their best and looking to blow eyeballs clean out of their sockets.

Both dense tracks on their own, Nail Gun and its counterpart Squirm were once one in the same.

“These tracks basically started out from a single idea I made a while back but never did anything with, as I thought it was a bit too much like Charlie Darker’s style. Then, he hit me up asking about doing a collab, and I had the perfect starting point,” says Oli Cash, better known as Far Too Loud.

“We’ve always had great respect for each other as producers,” Charlie Darker says. “I think Oli is someone who’s very forward-thinking in his approach to music, and that’s a quality I try to bring to my music as well.”

But as is frequently the case with projects like these, there was a change in plans.

“We started working on it and felt it going in two different directions, so we split it into two different tracks resulting in what we have here,” Cash says. “I guess we both feel there’s a lack of decent new electro house using fresh and inventive sounds, and with this EP we’re filling that void.”

“With the Squirm EP, we were really trying to bring about this idea that hard-hitting electronic music can still be innovative and exciting and there’s room to create these absolute crazy sounds that no one has ever heard before. I think it’s about trying to take the genre in a completely different direction and bring something unique to the table. People are tired of hearing the same old shit. We wanted to change that,” Darker says.

Stream Nail Gun above, and pick up the Squirm EP Nov. 6 from Big Beat.

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