Apr 09, 2015
PREMIERE: Carmada – Maybe (Trollphace & Juju Remix) [OWSLA]
Carmada - Maybe (Trollphace & Juju Remix) [OWSLA]

Trollphace and Juju (pictured above, respectively) absolutely slaughter Carmada’s Maybe in a vicious drum & bass remix, premiering today exclusively on LessThan3.

The original from OWSLA’s new Aussie signees Carmada (separately known as L D R U and Yahtzel) already has a tank full of crazy fuel, but Trollphace and Juju slam a knife into that sh*t and let it pool on the pavement before sparking it with a bullet. From there, the scene grows more grisly by the second–rimshots spray from the main percussion like blood spatters, and Carmada’s original vocal track reemerges among the chaos during periods of relief as if begging for mercy. Believe me when I say that there’s none to be had.

Trollphace and Juju’s remix will be joined by six others from a diverse list of young talent in Dr. Fresch, Elk Road & Slumberjack, Jesse Slayter, Fred V & Grafix, Getter, and Pegboard Nerds when it releases April 16 on OWSLA. Check out the Elk Road and Slumberjack remix, premiered by the homies at This Song Is Sick, and keep an eye on the newly minted duo Carmada as they look to make big moves under their new title.

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