Jul 14, 2014
PREMIERE: Black Tiger Sex Machine – Afterworld (Owl Vision Remix)
Black Tiger Sex Machine feat. Panther - Afterworld (Owl Vision Remix) [Kannibalen]

Sweden’s Johannes “Owl Vision” Arnesson (pictured) has staked his claim as one of the premier purveyors of stark, doom-ridden electro over the last seven years, which is why he was the perfect choice to remix Black Tiger Sex Machine’s new joint Afterworld with Panther. LessThan3 has the exclusive first play.

While the rest of the world is busy rolling out the familiar summertime tropes of sunshine, bikinis, and free love, Owl Vision is apparently confined to a bleak, windowless warehouse somewhere in Scandinavia where “a day at the beach” means losing your toes to frostbite if you decide to go shoeless on the shore. It clearly works in his favor, though, as his take on Afterworld beats with the sort of undead pulse that rings true at the crossroads of acid techno and his own self-proclaimed “death electro” style. If you’re the fair-skinned type who only comes out at night, this remix is the perfect track for you to fight back against the suntanned masses and all of their insufferable cheer.

Owl Vision’s Afterworld remix comes from Black Tiger Sex Machine’s EP of the same name, out July 15 via Kannibalen Records. Check out a minimix of the EP below:

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