Nov 26, 2013
PREMIERE: Ben Wash Drops ‘Snob Rock,’ Title Track From New Album
Ben Wash - Snob Rock (Original Mix) [King's Head]
Ben Wash - Emma Watson Walks In (Original Mix) [King's Head]

Ready to get snobby? In all seriousness, however, there is nothing snobby about Ben Wash, or his music. Awesome? Perhaps. Hard-hitting and explosive? Certainly. When the 22-year-old Miami resident, born Ben Washburn, isn’t spending his time dabbling in fashion or building up his own record label, King’s Head, he’s busy putting out some really good tunes. His newest release is Snob Rock, the title track off his upcoming debut album set to be released in January of next year.

Wash’s style is best described as “ruthless yet smirking,” and that’s exactly what we get with Snob Rock. Delivering a heavy dose of hard-hitting and catchy electro, Snob Rock serves as an audial buzzsaw injected straight into the vein of a crowded scene. He also wins an award for “Best Track Name” with Emma Watson Walks In, the first single off the LP, which was released Nov. 4. The track is a nasty little piece of dubstep that shows off his versatility and creativity. You can grab Emma Watson Walks In now, and stream Snob Rock above for the first time. In the words of the man himself, “Snob Rock: It’s not just an album it’s a lifestyle. Get with it.”

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