Jan 28, 2015
Premiere: Ain’t No Love – Cry In The Rain [Warner Canada]
Ain't No Love - Cry In The Rain [Warner Canada]

Canadian electro/hip hop trio Ain’t No Love has teamed up with producer and fellow Canadian Avenue to create the highly anticipated Cry In The Rain, and fans can hear it for the first time today on LessThan3.

Ain’t No Love consists of soulful lead singer Saidah and two avant-garde rappers, 1990 and Beanz, while Avenue is an up-and-coming producer who dabbles in catchy electro pop and disco beats. Upon the first play of this track, their combined power becomes evident in the healthy interplay between impassioned, relatively somber lyrics and whimsical melodic production. This piece is a clear standout from Ain’t No Love’s past releases, which generally take on a more weighty “renegade pop” sound.

The artists themselves were quite pleased with the outcome of their collaborative efforts as well. They were happy to share some personal insight into the conception of Cry In The Rain:

1990: “Cry In The Rain is one of my favorite tracks that we’ve ever made. I definitely wanted to pull from what I thought was Avenue’s French Electronic sound and use those driving progressions as a means to build a song. The concept that Beanz brought to the table definitely fit for me and the soulful vocoded funk line brought it home.”

Avenue: “When I first started this track I thought it really nailed down a funk/soul vibe that I was searching for, but it wasn’t enough. To my luck, Ain’t No Love graced the track with their powerful presence; what happened next was the soulful track that is Cry In The Rain.”

Digging the vibes? The good new is that Cry In The Rain will be featured on Ain’t No Love’s forthcoming EP entitled Plummet, set for a March 2015 release through Warner Music Group. But the even better news is that the track will also be available as a free download following its official debut on Jan. 29– stay tuned via SoundCloud here.

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