May 29, 2014
PREMIERE: Adrian Lux ‘Make Out’ EP [Ultra]
Adrian Lux - The Rain [Ultra]
Adrian Lux feat. Kaelyn Behr - Sooner Or Later [Ultra]
Adrian Lux - Lauren Conrad [Ultra]
Adrian Lux feat. Last Lynx - Smoke & Mirrors [Ultra]
Adrian Lux feat. JJ - Wild Child [Ultra]
Adrian Lux - Damaged [Ultra]

28-year-old Swede Adrian Lux has come a long way since his Teenage Crime days, headlining tours and playing major festivals like Ultra and EDC. Now he’s got a swath of fresh material with his new EP Make Out, and you can hear the entire release for the first time today on LessThan3.

Moody and beautiful, Make Out is not and EP of cookie-cutter festival fodder. In the words of Adrian, “I’ve been trying to make something more cinematic and vibey. I always work without restrictions; it’s more fun like that and the outcome is more interesting to me.” This cinematic essence is present throughout the entire EP, beginning on the lighter side with The Rain, which Adrian told us has been the biggest crowd-pleaser of the whole EP. Next up, he takes things “one darker” with Sooner Or Later, which features the brooding vocals of Australian artist Kaelyn Behr. The interestingly titled Lauren Conrad is perhaps the most foreboding of the tracks on the EP, with a style similar to deadmau5 on his more progressive days. This track also happens to be Adrian’s personal favorite on Make Out.

Smoke & Mirrors is the most “festival friendly” of the tracks on the EP, with a light big room drop that works on both a stage and in a car. Following this, the EP returns and remains in deeper territory with Wild Child and Damaged. Helvetic Nerds’ Nora En Pure makes an appearance on the final track of the EP with a bonus remix of Sooner Or Later. She adds a heavier bassline to make the track a bit more club-friendly than the original.

Overall, Make Out is a standout effort that cements Adrian as not just another DJ, but as a true artist with a story to tell. You can pre-order the full EP here before it drops June 3 on Ultra Records.

As an added bonus, we are giving away a pair of tickets and a meet-and-greet with Adrian himself for his upcoming San Jose and LA tour dates! Enter the San Jose contest here, and the LA contest here. Full tour dates are pictured below.