Apr 12, 2015
PREMIERE: 2 Tracks From Dennis Sheperd’s ‘Fight Your Fears’ LP
Dennis Sheperd feat. Mark Frisch - Come Alive (Album Mix) [A Tribute To Life]
Dennis Sheperd feat. Molly Bancroft - Wanting (Album Mix) [A Tribute To Life]

Berlin-based trance wizard Dennis Sheperd is about to release his second artist album and the world’s first crowdfunded trance LP, Fight Your Fears. Ahead of the release, LessThan3 has an exclusive full play of not just one, but two of the tracks on offer.

Come Alive and Wanting are both perfect examples of Sheperd’s talent for walking the line between solid trance production and carefully crafted songwriting. Vocalist Mark Frisch lends a soulful edge to Come Alive, a catchy chord-driven song that is peppered with uplifting yet understated synth hooks. Wanting is a slightly more progressive track built around some simple, driving riffs and the ever-talented vocals of Molly Bancroft, which gives it plenty of remix potential.

Fight Your Fears is out on April 17 via Sheperd’s own A Tribute To Life imprint, and is available to pre-order now from iTunes and Amazon. Alternatively, you can continue to help the crowdfunding aspect of the album, by ordering it through PledgeMusic. You can also check out a full list of Dennis’ various launch parties for the album via his website.