Dec 12, 2010
Praise The Fat Man
Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Fatboy Slim vs Fedde Le Grand Remix) [Skint]
Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice 2010 (Lazy Rich Remix) [Skint]
Fatboy Slim - What The F**k (Funkagenda Remix) [Skint]

A few months back the legendary Fatboy Slim released a collection of bootlegs for your audio pleasure. Best of the Bootlegs is a great collection for both veteran fans and new listeners alike. Boasting an impressive list of artists such as Fedde Le Grand, Markus Schulz, Lazy Rich, and many more, these bootlegs are sure to get any party started. Many of the tracks on this album are rehashed versions of Fatboy classics like Star 69 and even the non-EDM hit, Weapon of Choice. Besides these, there are a bunch of gems in here. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

To start things off, I want to talk about a truly amazing track that has been perfectly remixed by the tech house cat Fedde Le Grand. Praise You is a sweet slice of rave. The first time I heard this tune I was blown away. Not only is the hook catchy as hell, but the small nuances Fedde has utilized in this production give it a sexy, sleek finish. Leave it to Fedde to take an already bangin’ tune and turn it up a notch.

Next up is a colorful remix of Weapon of Choice by the likes of Lazy Rich, and he has been anything but lazy on this track. He adds his signature bendy jazz sound on top of a base of sophisticated kick drum. Furthermore, this remix has everything you loved from the original (save Christopher Walken dancing). The wacky buildups and dark vocals are still here, but remashed into a sexier sound for 2010.

More prevalent than anything else on this album is the number of remixes of What The F**k. The one that takes the cake for me though, is Funkagenda’s remix. They’ve gone and created something totally dark and ominous with this one. It starts out with some foggy progressions, and eventually transitions into deep, dark house reminiscent of a Dubfire tune. Soon, the all-too-familiar vocal sample comes in like a ghost: They know what is what, but they dont know what is what, what the f**k? Can somebody please tell me what that means? Whatever meaning it has, it certainly sounds great in this remix.

As I stated before, if you’re a long-time fan of Fatboy Slim or just a fan of his hit singles, then you’re in for a treat with Best of the Bootlegs. It’s a must-have for lovers of the Fat man. Listen, comment, and enjoy!

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