Mar 16, 2011
Power the Lazers
Lazer Sword - Fubu [Innovative Leisure]
Lazer Sword feat Zackey Force Funk - Machine [Innovative Leisure]

The Postal Service, an offshoot music project by the singer from Death Cab for Cutie, was famous for its teeny-bopping beats and strangely novel (and eponymous) method of collaboration between the two musicians who comprised the group. The singer and producer would mail each other parts of songs, working on them individually and then sending them back. Many artists found in the past few years that you don’t have to be in the same room to collaborate. Lazer Sword, a duo originating from the Bay Area, does just that–and then some.

With one member now in Los Angeles and another in Berlin, email is the choice of correspondence between the two producers. You wouldn’t, however, be able to tell from the music that they hardly work together. As you play Fubu or Machine, you’ll probably hear what you think are ordinary house and dubstep tracks, respectively. But as each track develops, it’ll become clear both of them refuse to be classified by ordinary means. Lazer Sword’s productions aren’t necessarily dance music, but any electronic music fan can appreciate the quality and attention to detail. The sound is best described as an understated, glitchy fusion of hip-hop, dubstep and house beats with dangerously high amounts of swagger.

If you’re already a fan of the Lazer Sword, you’ll know that their self titled Lazer Sword EP already came out well last year. But if you’re really a fan, you’ll also understand that good music needs to get around. No one’s heard much from the duo since the day of the album’s release, but that shouldn’t stop you from digging the good stuff. Just take look at that album art up there–one look, and you know Lazer Sword means business.

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