Jun 17, 2014
Porter Robinson’s Mighty ‘Lionhearted’ Music Video

Great music? Check. Weapon-toting Harajuku girls? Double-check. Beautiful, video game violence in a Fight Club-esque city setting? Yep, you can check that off too. Looks like Porter Robinson’s Lionhearted music video has a little bit of everything.

Directed by Canadian Jonathan Desbiens, aka Jodeb, the man behind Zedd’s Clarity and Find You music videos, the video features a kawaii and cuddly (and deadly) gang of girls parading down the streets in an unnamed city, wreaking havoc with a series of colourful explosions. Much like the rest of Porter’s artistic offerings, the video is unique, compelling, and emotionally arresting. Unfortunately for PR, everything doesn’t go quite as planned in the video–you’ll have to watch it yourself to see what we mean.

After you finish watching the video, click here to pre-order Worlds, which is set to release Aug. 12.

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