Sep 17, 2014
Porter Robinson Turns The Shrine Into His Dream World
Porter Robinson feat. Amy Millan - Divinity [Astralwerks]

I thought I’d seen everything, but last Saturday night at the Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles, Porter Robinson performed one of the most impressive shows I’ve ever witnessed in my life. The experience stood on the very cutting edge of electronic music and visual storytelling.

porter robinson shrine sing

This wasn’t just a show, Porter Robinson took us all on an intimate journey through his dream world. He shared with us his imagination in the best way possible. The synced visuals shown on the huge screens held everyone’s attention with intense animations, vibrant video game landscapes, and lively Japanese anime characters. Much like my own lack of dream comprehension, I wasn’t able to make much of the story being told, but it captivated me all the same.

porter robinson shrine la fire

Last Saturday night reminded me of why I’m glad to be alive in this rapidly evolving age of music. Porter Robinson’s set was truly live, and he used several pieces of MIDI hardware including drum pads to play music from his latest Worlds album.

porter robinson shrine anime

Porter brought out a terrific crowd. From the front to the back, loads of die hards sang and danced their hearts out to tunes like Sad Machine, Easy, and Lionhearted. After he finished, he came back on for an encore and played Language, which had had everyone in the sold-out auditorium screaming for joy and bouncing off their toes.

porter robinson shrine antler skull

The phrase game-changing is thrown around often, but Porter Robinson’s Worlds Tour is a huge step forward for electronic music. As a long time fan of Porter, it’s inspiring to see him bring his otherworldly fantasies to life. Rather than choosing the safe route of copying what’s popular, Porter chose to stay true to himself and it has paid off for him big time. If you want to see something new and fresh, be sure to secure your tickets for his current Worlds Tour here.

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Photo credit: Jake West

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