Nov 14, 2013
Porter Robinson Aligns With Astralwerks

Porter Robinson and his latest album landed at their new home of Astralwerks today, who will be releasing his new material in 2014.

According to a press release, Robinson’s album is near finished and will be released alongside other newcomers to the white-hot label, like the recently enlisted deadmau5 as well as Mat Zo.

Robinson says the new album is going to be “beautiful, emotional, and vast-sounding.” Describing it as listening music and not party music, Robinson said he’s grown tired of the “formulaic” nature of electronic music and set out to record a departure from the main stage with a vintage-inspired, lo-fi, nostalgic vibe to it. He considers the result his favorite music he’s ever made.

In an exclusive with Billboard, Robinson explained the long process behind shopping what his management calls a multi-hit album to numerous labels before arriving at label-land’s newest hotspot. Read the full story here, and check back soon for what will undoubtedly be a massively influential sophomore album from one of the game’s hottest commodities.

Photo: Alexander Frederick

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