Jul 14, 2010
Poppin’ Off
Popof - Roxy (Original Mix) [Cocoon]

I’m always quick to appreciate artists who try to incorporate different genres together into a single track. Sometimes that appreciation doesn’t go much further. Maybe they tried too hard or used elements that just didnt mesh well together. In those cases I usually give them credit for their effort and move on.

Thankfully, this isn’t one of those times.

This track very obviously stays true to its minimal and techno roots while branching out to include a little electro twist. We also get some Deadmau5-esque builds of sorts, which I particularly enjoy. It’s pretty impressive how this track goes from totally chill to almost bite-your-nails frantic. Popof’s perfect introduction and use of each element makes it completely evident that every decision in this track was carefully made to control the listening experience. Quite well done. So take all that and throw in a nice dark, perfectly sampled vocal and I think we have ourselves a winner.

Roxy is a track featured in a new minimal house compilation that is getting quite a bit of critical acclaim. You can read about Cocoon Compilation J here, though I really dont get why they display the text like that. Kinda painful to read. Anyway, there are lots of great hits on there that I will be posting up in the future as tracks get released. Do not adjust your interwebs–stay tuned!

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