Sep 21, 2012
Popeska's First Day Of Kindergarten
Popeska - Karmameter (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]
Popeska - Now Or Never (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]
Popeska feat Anna Yvette - Atlantis (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]

Wolfgang Gartner’s much acclaimed Kindergarten Recordings is back, and this time the electro house pioneer teamed up with Popeska, a 19 year-old out of Atlanta. Check out his tunes and you’ll immediately see why Wolfgang took this guy under his wing.

Popeska’s debut EP, Karmameter, immediately drops this guy into the heart of the electro house world, with four distinct, polished tracks that anybody would love to get their hands on behind the decks. The release’s title track brings elements from across the electro spectrum, from vocoded breakdown melodies to the much recognized warp synth, but where Popeska excels is in making these his own. They are elements in his track, rather than elements he used to define the tune, and that really shows. The release also came with a Wolfgang edit of another Popeska original, Now Or Never, which unsurprisingly sounds the most Wolfgangy of the lot with those signature high stabs. Popeska’s bass-work is apparent though, adding a fresh touch to that Wolfgang formula. Finally, we have Atlantis, a tune that falls a litte closer to Popeska’s roots, clocking in at 112bpm. Vocals from Anna Yvette balance out the bassy moombah track, giving fans a taste of some oldschool Popeska.

As a debut release, this EP is quite successful for Popeska; I’m sure he’ll be a relevant name in electro for some time to come. As a resurgent release for Kindergarten Recordings, this is a home-run. To find an artist that successfully pushes the Wolfgang sound in a different direction is gold; now we wait and see what other artists fill the desks in this Kindergarten classroom.

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