Feb 12, 2011
Poor Grandma
Diesel - Granny Basher (Original Mix) [Skank Low]
Diesel - Control Freak (Original Mix) [Skank Low]

UK dubstep maestro Diesel dropped his new EP in late January (cover pictured), giving us a release that sits amongst an elite group of dubstep titles in the past few months, including those from California superstar Skrillex and UK phenom Feed Me (aka Spor).

The first track I’ve got for you chaps (and chappettes) is one of your soon-to-be favorites, Granny Basher. If the title of this track doesn’t get the message across clearly enough, this one is absolute filth. With a very melodic overtone, this track literally attacks you with its chaotic composition and in-your-face grime. The energy levels and pure aggressiveness of the song are something that many artists in dubstep strive for these days, but only a very select few manage to achieve.

Next is Control Freak, the EP’s title track. Another berserk monstrosity of a tune, this one bends and pushes its melodies in such unique ways that the track would be a complete flop if not for Diesel’s high production values. This track knows exactly what it is–a skeezed out filth factory of UK beats–but what makes it so successful is that it just doesn’t give a f*ck.

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