Jul 07, 2012
Poolside Sensation
Poolside - Slow Down (Original Mix)

California has been home to the chillest people, music, and vibes since the beginning of time. Poolside is here to consolidate that statement with their soon-to-be released debut album, Pacific Standard Time. The boys from Poolside have been kind enough to send out a track for free download on their SoundCloud Page. If Slow Down is any indication of what their album will sound like, then we’re surely in for a treat.

The track, titled Slow Down, is just about as chill as it comes. Poolside combines slowed-down hip hop grooves with pleasantly off-kilter vocals and all-around bright, Cali vibes. I was lucky enough to see them at Pacific OC fest in Irvine last summer and I can personally attest to their talent in production and skills on a turntable. Be sure to get the album when it drops. Until then, enjoy the summer festivals!

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