Feb 13, 2014
Polish D&B Producer Competes In Sochi Olympics
Voima - Epiprocta (Preview) [Deep Field]
Voima - Apoplexy (Preview) [Deep Field]

Of all the reasons we’ve heard for producer/DJs taking some time off, competing in the Olympics is definitely a new one.

Do Androids Dance reports that Artur Was, a drum & bass producer from Poland going by Voima, put down his headphones over the past few weeks for a pair of skates and represented his home country in speed skating.

Was competed in two men’s 500-meter speed skating events Feb. 10 and ranked eighth and ninth–not too shabby. We can’t decide what’s more plausible as a backstory for this multitalented man: writing high-energy, driving music that sounds good while speed skating, or joining a sport that feels awesome and epic while testing out your D&B productions. Either way, props to this guy–the rest of us should be so lucky as to see just one of these accomplishments in a lifetime.

Preorder his forthcoming Epiprocta / Apoplexy here on Deep Field Audio before it drops Feb. 24, and have a quick listen above.