Dec 31, 2013
‘Play It Loud’ With Greenflash
Greenflash - Play It Loud (Original Mix) [Flashover Progressive]

Before reading this review, open a new tab in your browser, search for “subwoofers,” and spend a good few thousand on a decent array of low-end destructiveness. Once you’ve run a few test tones and given the neighbor’s dog an aneurysm, you’re all set to download the latest track on Ferry Corsten’s prog house imprint Flashover Progressive.

A label debut for Dutch producer Greenflash, the appropriately named Play It Loud straddles the increasingly fine line between prog house and big room trance. There’s a slight moment of uncertainty as the “play it loud” vocal samples threaten a foray into a full-on pop vocal, but it’s simply a spoken sample, which quickly gives way to the bassline in question. It’s difficult to grasp on anything the average home has on offer but it’s clear that Greenflash has made an effort to stand out on a club system. There’s some other clever synth work at play too, with some nice deep-housey stabs and a some big room-style synth hooks.

Play It Loud is one of those tracks you need to specifically seek out in a club, but until you experience it live and lose the ability to hear or even think, grab it now on Beatport–just don’t use your iPod headphones…

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