Aug 10, 2010
Plastic Afterparty
Plastikman - Plastique (Original Mix) [Plus 8]
Plastikman - Ping Pong (Original Mix) [Minus]
Plastikman - Spastik (Dubfire Rework) [Minus]

Have you ever been driving back from a rave and could not get that thumping bass out of your head? I’ve been there plenty of times and believe me when I say that the silence is deafening. Fortunately, I submit for your listening pleasure some tracks from our friend Plastikman, better known by his real name Richie Hawtin. Hawtin has been at the lead of the technological development side of EDM, helping design programs such as the immensely popular Traktor Scratch software and the online megastore He’s not only skilled at development; he’s an equally talented DJ and producer as well. In fact, he’s been ranked in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll, last year clocking in at number 28 right behind Laidback Luke.

So what sets Plastikman (Hawtin) apart from every other producer out there? To me it’s the sheer time and patience he devotes to his music that is evident in his tracks. Take for instance Spastik (Dubfire Rework) – the gradual march of snare drum lines at the beginning flows dirtectly into a sexy mix of kickdrums and progressive sounds. A couple minutes later you find yourself immersed in a sophisticated beat somewhere between tech-house and rumba. It’s perfect for an after-rave comedown as it’s not too intense but it fills in the gaps in your bass-washed head.

Plastique is just about as chill as they come. The experimental/chillout tune will have you closing your eyes and recollecting your thoughts while clinging to every sneaky, slithery note.

Finally, I’ve added the techno track Ping Pong. Driven by deep bass and alien synth, this one’s a bit darker. Still, it should serve as a good gradient into less hardcore EDM. Be sure to thank Richie Hawtin for soothing your headache next time you’re in a car ride back from a festival.

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