Jan 20, 2015
Go Laptop-Free With Pioneer’s New XDJ-RX Controller

Pioneer unveiled the design for their newest controller today, the laptop-free XDJ-RX.

While turntablists may disagree, there is no denying that the vaunted Pioneer CDJ series reigns supreme as the go-to when it comes to DJ equipment. Pioneer does a great job of providing DJs with a wide range of functionality while simultaneously meeting the rising demand for convenience. The latest controller model adheres to that ethos, combining the dual CDJ layout around a basic DJM-style mixer, and replacing the need for a laptop with a single high-resolution LCD screen, the first of its kind from Pioneer. The screen will display information from both players, as well as various other features such as BPM, beat grids, and more.

The system is set for a late February release date and will cost a pretty penny at $1,799. Head to their website for more info and check out the official intro video below.

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