May 28, 2015
Pioneer Announces $2600 Headphones

If you thought DJ gear was expensive, just wait until you check out Pioneer’s brand-new SE-Master series headphones, priced at an eye-popping $2600 dollars a pair.

While Pioneer have long been known for their range of DJ gear–their CDJ decks and mixers are almost ubiquitous in clubs across the world–the SE-Master series is their first foray into the world of high-end headphones aimed at the lucrative audiophile market.

While most pro DJ headphones come in at around the $300 range, the $2600 price of the SE-Master is largely down to the design, hand-made production process, and limited manufacturing run. The technical aspects veer slightly toward the more questionable side of the audiophile culture–the quoted 85khz top-end is many times higher than the highest frequencies a human can hear. Most adults top out at 16khz, and even cats can only hear up to 79khz. It might be overkill, but Pioneer promises the “highest quality sound reproduction of hi-resolution sound sources,” along with a build-quality that took five years to perfect, and a level of comfort that would put most first-class airline seats to shame.

The Pioneer SE-Master series will be available next month, but for the price of 23 day tickets to Tomorrowland, 52 tickets to Cream Ibiza, or 75 pairs of standard iPod headphones, you’ll have to be really into your head-worn audio equipment if you’re going to splash out on a pair.