Jul 11, 2010
Pink Floyd Re-Envisioned 2010
Pink Floyd - Echoes (DJ Kue Remix)

It’s the late 60’s and you’re swaying left and right like a palm tree to an incredible live performance by Pink Floyd. You’re twisted on more than you can remember and the psychedelic rhythms are running in and through the deepest reaches of your consciousness. Flash forward now to 2010. Their astoundingly creative melodies have been professionally harnessed to develop the most melodic progressive house on planet Earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly present to you the DJ Kue Remix of Pink Floyd’s Echoes. Now please, this is not some arbitrary remix. I don’t wish to waste your time. I implore you to listen to the original so you can comprehend how DJ Kue advanced the deepest elements from Echoes and turned it into epic house masterpiece. The minute and a half long breakdown will dominate every corner of your psyche. You will become completely immersed in beautiful guitar melodies, triumphant drum rolls, and epic pads. This gem is the product of combining the talent of awe-inspiring progressive rock musicians with the genius of progressive house producers.

To vanquish any doubt over where this remix came from, I will assure you that it was produced by a mortal. DJ Kue, otherwise known as Michael Morales, is an independent local DJ based in San Jose, California. He mostly produces electro house and you can clearly hear the electro influence in his Pink Floyd remix. Echoes has earned more than just the Mesh stamp of approval. I stand fully behind it and look forward to future releases by DJ Kue.