Sep 09, 2013
PillowTalk Play Us A Lullaby
Pillowtalk feat. Sammy D - Lullaby [Wolf & Lamb]
Pillowtalk feat. Sammy D - We All Have Rhythm [Wolf & Lamb]

If there were ever a label for San Fran’s Sammy, Ryan and Mikey of PillowTalk, it would be something like “chameleon-type shape-shifter genre-benders,” because their ever-changing deep, soulful, house-esque music always surprises and delightfully satisfies. Their newest EP, Lullaby, drifts from their identifiable, innovative brand of floaty funk and soul and lands on the ethereal terrain of lush, ’80s-inspired synthpop. So switch on your Walkman and drift into that dreamy space between waking and sleep with Lullaby.

The somber pitch and whimsical tempo of the title track unravels like a dreamscape more than a song. Inspired by work from acclaimed illustrator David Polonsky, Lullaby is decorated with Sammy D’s breathless vocals, creating an aural canvas of a tender dream that you wish to never end. Overflowing hand-claps, bubbly synths and squeaks, and a subtle spare kick sift through a dazed bassline that your body just sinks into.

Once you awake, look to the B-side for We All Have Rhythm to liven your dance party. Catchy vocals will have you “stop feeling sorry for yourself” and enjoy some uplifting electronic funk, fit to awaken the senses after that delightfully somber sleep.

Lullaby’s warm embrace gleams PillowTalk’s ability to destroy all stereotypes and expectations about what dance music is “supposed to be.” Pick it up here.

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