Apr 12, 2013
Pierce & Maor Know What You Wanna Be
Maor Levi & Pierce Fulton - Wanna Be (Original Mix) [Cr2]
Maor Levi & Pierce Fulton - Wanna Be (Club Mix) [Cr2]

New England’s Pierce Fulton and Israel’s Maor Levi have put together their creative genius for Wanna Be out on Cr2 Records. Pierce’s latest releases have been stealing the show, with a recent big room tune-up of Intropial by Walden, while Maor has constructed a new face for Lights by Myon & Shane54 and Aruna. Moving away from the remix scene, these two talents shine bright with their new fantastic single.

The original mix introduces bits and pieces of the track before getting right down to business with a monster synth lead. The vocal is beyond catchy and sits perfectly on top of the synths. After soaking up every ounce of energy in the room during the build, the lead delivers an anthemic melody that sets this track apart from the rest. Various arpeggios work their way throughout to introduce variety and truly captivate. If the original somehow wasn’t enough to get you moving, fear not! The duo has assembled a club mix which packs enough bass to disrupt your entire neighborhood. The club mix takes everything up a notch yet maintains the stunning melody that the original is built upon. Snag this release on Beatport today!

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