Jul 04, 2011
Picture Perfect
Pictureplane - Touching Transform
Pictureplane - Real Is a Feeling
Pictureplane - Black Nails

Hailing from the Detroit EDM scene, Pictureplane has been making waves recently with his uniquely hype-tacular blend of breakbeat and tech house. Pictureplane’s new LP, Thee Physical, came to my attention when someone gave me a copy of the song Touching Transform. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call the production true “indie,” but if it isn’t, it definitely straddles the line. Thee Physical has got a sort of future rock appeal to it at times, and at other times, the production just screams “mix me into a club banger.” Egedy has traditionally displayed a penchant for punk-roots inclinations, and his direction seems to be set on a path away from traditional electronic sounds and those dominating today’s EDM scene.

Touching Transform will reel you in with a familiar beat with a funky twist on it; it has this sort of lounge feel to it, while still maintaining the elements that make it danceable house music. I would posit that Real is a Feeling is the shining track on the LP, and it really does shine; between the vocals and the sweet orchestration inherent in every beat on the LP, I’d say if you like this song, you’ll like Thee Physical as a whole. To complete your Pictureplane Thee Physical sampler, I suggest a listen to Black Nails, an undeniably danceable piece of Pictureplane just itching to be remixed by the masses. Show us what you got, DJs.

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