Sep 22, 2013
‘Sharks Looking For Fishes’ On Supplement Facts
Phil Weeks - Sharks Looking For Fishes [Supplement Facts]
Phil Weeks - Bees Assault [Supplement Facts]
Phil Weeks - Hold Onto The Memories [Supplement Facts]

Parisian house odyssey Phil Weeks makes a splash on Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts with a three-track firebomb titled Sharks Looking For Fishes. Known for his old-school Chicago house sound with a French tech twist, Phil puts a modern touch on classic house using 808s, 909s, and vintage keys to deliver crisp, “proper house music”. Some say he’s a purist in his form, preaching the true values of house music through his self-made Robsoul label and the 2013 kickoff of the Crate Diggin’ project .

The title track is a warm affair of warping pads and riff waves, a solid groove built around dusty synths and a bob-your-head bassline. Bees Assault is tech house in its purest form, unhinged and fully fledged with deep, dark bass to assault the senses. Lastly, Hold Onto The Memories shines with Phil’s French flare, a seductive groove with jacking bass and much use of faded vox. Three very groovy new tracks for the house music enthusiast.

Pick up Phil Weeks Sharks Looking For Fishes on Supplement Facts tomorrow, September 23.

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