Feb 19, 2014
Deep Dish Returns With ‘Quincy’

After hearing the teaser for Quincy not too long ago, fans received a special Valentine’s Day gift: the long-awaited return single from Sharam and Dubfire together once again as Deep Dish.

As with other big premieres on his show, Pete Tong gives Quincy the ultimate treatment with a proper introduction. As the Radio 1 star describes, Deep Dish is a beautifully crafted duo that can take you on an aural journey matched by very few. Quincy exemplifies a certain style of progressive house that builds and builds and enters a breakdown without any cheap-frill drops or gimmicks–no hands in the air, no bouncing around, just pure, captivating dance music.

Quincy will be out on Virgin Records March 31, and if you’re in Miami during the Winter Music Conference, be sure to catch Deep Dish at the infamous Ice Palace on March 29. Something tells me you just might here this single there…

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