May 03, 2015
Pete Tong To Curate Orchestra Performance Of Dance Classics

BBC Radio 1 legend Pete Tong is to curate a live orchestra performance of various dance classics as part of the BBC’s annual Proms season of concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

The full list of tracks as chosen by Tong is yet to be revealed, but he has named Rhythm Is Rhythm’s Strings Of Life and Stardust’s Music Sounds Better With You as two inclusions. The concept will be performed by the Heritage Orchestra, a “young orchestra” that specializes in re-imagining contemporary works of music and art, and will also include vocal performances from British singer-songwriters Jess Glynne and John Newman.

The event is designed to mark 20 years of BBC Radio broadcasting from Ibiza, and will be broadcast live on July 29 on BBC Radio 3, and across various BBC television channels. Although initially only available to UK listeners/viewers, the concert is likely to become accessible to an international audience, so check back for more details as the date draws closer.

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