Nov 30, 2010
Pep in Angello's Step
Steve Angello - KNAS (Peppermint Private Rework)

A few months ago we covered Steve Angello’s summer house hit KNAS, a track that made itself comfortable atop a multitude of electronic music charts. I’ve seen this track used pretty well several times in mashups, but it wasn’t until I heard Peppermint’s rendition that I’ve been truly impressed by another artist’s take on Angello’s hit. Peppermint is a rather unknown underground artist, so please share any info you know in the comments!

The Peppermint Private Rework of Knas takes the funky electro riff and somehow turns it into even more of a club banger. Being a rework, this track follows the same general composition as the original, so while Peppermint doesn’t change the whole track, what he/she/they/robot of asexual gender does change is GOLD.

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