May 20, 2014
Yahtzel Soars ‘High’ With Peking Duk Remix
Peking Duk feat. Nicole Millar - High (Yahtzel Remix) [Vicious B*tch]

If it’s sun-drenched, feel-good vibes you’re after, Max “Yahtzel” Armata’s got just what you need. The 21-year-old Aussie native put his signature Balearic spin on Peking Duk’s hit single High, and, as is true of the rest of his output to date, it comes readymade for your sunny outdoor excursions.

Last week we brought you the exclusive premiere of Angger Dimas’ treatment of High, and listening to the two remixes back-to-back serves as an excellent demonstration of how two producers can approach the same source material and turn out radically different products. Where Dimas’ club-ready remix trades primarily in aggression, Yahtzel’s take is patient and gauzy, with Nicole Millar’s versatile vocal hooks anchored by synthesized marimbas and plucky counter-melodies. Download it for free in exchange for some love on Facebook.

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