Dec 05, 2013
Pegboard Nerds Haunt The Sh*t Out Of Mat Zo’s ‘Lucid Dreams’

Pegboard Nerds entered Mat Zo’s dreams today and turned his fanciful, utopian landscape into a heaving, unapologetic rager–I doubt he got much sleep.

The Scandinavian bass-peddlers introduced their latest booming brain-child today in their rowdy remix of Zo’s massive track Lucid Dreams. Most of the overhaul took place in the rhythm section, with Zo’s four-four foundation gutted out and replaced with a high-energy hybrid. With elements of breaks, big beat, and electro house, this one is a moving target in terms of verbiage, but one word sticks it right between the eyes: heavy. The low, rumbling growl is reintroduced to accent the agile beat, making this bass-beast one animal you wouldn’t want to encounter in the wild.

Pick up your copy when it drops Dec. 10 on Astralwerks.

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