Jul 24, 2012
PeaceTreaty Is Back
PeaceTreaty feat Anabel Englund - In Time (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]

There’s no doubt that in today’s fast paced and competitive EDM market there’s strong pressure on artists to constantly put out new releases. The demand for new tunes is seemingly endless and can even feel overwhelming at times. That’s why sometimes it’s wiser to take a break for awhile and focus on honing your production skills to later come back strong with a track that will catch everyone’s attention.

Angelo Patino-Patroni (left) and Josh Anaya (right) of PeaceTreaty have embraced this strategy, and today they return to the arena with a fresh new single on Dim Mak called In Time. They crafted quite a catchy hook this go-round; the proggy, supporting melodies give the tune a rich musicality not heard in PeaceTreaty’s previous productions. In Time could have stood instead as an instrumental, but the boys brought on board LA’s beautiful Anabel Englund to breathe new soul into the tune. Be sure to download it here off Beatport!

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