Aug 30, 2014
Paul Oakenfold’s Homage To ‘Ibiza’
Paul Oakenfold - Ibiza (Original Mix) [Perfecto Fluroro]
Paul Oakenfold - Ibiza (Jodan Suckley Remix) [Perfecto Fluroro]
Paul Oakenfold - Ibiza (Full On Fluoro Mix) [Perfecto Fluroro]

According to legend, it was a holiday Paul took to Ibiza in 1987 with Danny Rampling and Nicky Holloway that triggered the entire dance music scene on the island. It’s a history like this that is nicely summed up with his latest track, simply titled Ibiza.

The original is old-school uplifting trance that almost speaks of the White Isle. Those organic plucks and arpeggios, those massive chords stabs and riffs, it’s straight out of the heyday of Ibiza in the late ’90s, yet still remains bang up-to-date. Keeping things a little tougher and more on the Fluoro end of the spectrum is Jordan Suckley, with a remix complete with acid lines, stomping rhythms, and a darker yet more euphoric take on the original. Rounding things off, the Full On Fluoro remix takes the original and gives it a taste of psy-trance, perfect for those late nights… or early mornings.

Ibiza is Paul Oakenfold’s perfect love letter to the island he’s been a part of for so long, and if this is anything to go by, it’s a marriage that looks set to last for many years to come. Grab it now on Beatport.

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